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With 99.7% accuracy based on past data, LEGIT APP is already highly reliable. But for even greater peace of mind, we offer Protection+. Legit Protection+ is an additional service aims to cover part of the losses caused by an authentication. Our authenticators meticulously examine photos to classify a product as AUTHENTIC, REPLICA, or INCONCLUSIVE. If, after the initial review, the final authentication result is changed, Protection+ automatically activates. Our team will then contact you to discuss your coverage options.
How muct does Protection+ cover?
Protection+ activates when LEGIT APP authenticators complete the final review and modify any final answers. The coverage amount of Legit Protection+ equals to **10 TIMES of the authentication cost in USD**. The Legit Protection+ service cost will not be refunded once Legit Protection+ has executed. The Protection+ refund details are outlined in the following table:
Authentication ServiceAuthentication Cost (Token)Protection+ Refund (USD)
3 hour Sneaker Products220
30 min Sneaker Products330
15 min Sneaker Products440
10 min Sneaker Products550
4 hour Streetwear Products440
4 hour Luxury Products10100
1 hour Luxury Products15150
30 min Luxury Products20200
4 hour Hermes Products20200
1 hour Hermes Products30300
30 min Hermes Products40400
What happens if Protection+ activates?
Our customer support team will reach out to you via email if Protection+ is triggered. You'll then have the option to receive a refund in either tokens or USD (US Dollars) by providing your bank details.
LEGIT APP - Protection+ Claim Form
LEGIT APP INC. reserves the right to determine the final application and interpretation of LEGIT Protection+. For more questions, please send emails to support@legitapp.com.