LEGIT APPProtection +

Covers for part of the losses caused by an authentication due to an accident.
Legit Protection+ is an additional service aims to cover part of the losses caused by an authentication. Authenticators will classify a product as AUTHENTIC, REPLICA or INCONCLUSIVE based on the photos submitted.When the final authentication result is modified, Legit Protection+ will execute automatically and our staff will contact you for the coverage. The coverage amount of Legit Protection+ equals to the lower of the product price OR 50 times of the Legit Protection+ cost. This cost will not be refunded once Legit Protection+ has executed. Example: Product Price on StockX = $200 Cost of authentication without LEGIT Protection+ = 2 $LEGIT Cost of Legit Protection+ = 1 $LEGIT When final authentication changed from AUTHENTIC to REPLICA, the coverage amount equals 1*50=50USD. Note 1: Product price will be based on the market price on StockX. Note 2: LEGIT APP reserves the right to make all final decisions